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FotoVertical is a French association born in Brazil :).


By studying STAPS (sport sciences) and scientific communication in Tarbes, then in Toulouse, Montréal (Canada) and Grenoble, I kept moving around when I was at university. Then I met Francisco Taranto Jr., my husband and the father of my two children. We work together as photographers and filmmakers for 6 years. We are based in South of France.

Francisco TARANTO JR.

I was born in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro and as a teenager I discovered two passions that I will never give up – climbing and photography. In 2002, I took part in my first big wall experience as a photographer. That kicked it off! I left the realm of photo-journalism in order to do reports on the mountainous world. After 26 years in Rio, it was time to go to France. Since 2011, I’ve been working with my wife, Sandra Ducasse, as a photographer and filmmaker specializing in climbing.

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