Women's ways

Documentary film

Women's ways is a documentary that explores
the world of the mountain through the strength of women.
There are three main subjects:
Marion Poitevin, Liv Sansoz and Martina Cufar-Potard.
Through interviews we discover what they share
and also what separates them in their paths through life,
but above all we discover the strength of woman
in all its potential.

Lenght : 42 minutes. There is also a 28' version.
Release date: June 2017.
Filmmakers: Sandra DUCASSE and Francisco TARANTO JR. 

Where to watch the film?

Online! Women's ways is available on Reelhouse and Vimeo.


We organize some projections. Sometimes with a 12' film, Women's skimo project, broadcasted before Women's ways.

Do you want to organize a screening?

Please contact us ;)!!.

3 women...

Liv Sansoz

I'm a climber. Two time world champion and three time overall world cup winner. I love climbing, skiing, paragliding. I'm a lover of mountain. Chamonix. Liv.

Marion Poitevin

1st and only female Mountain Guide in French Army and today in Mountain Rescue Police 🚁🏔⛷🤗! Encouraging others to push their limits with ⏩⏩ http://leadtheclimb.com

Martina Cufar-Potard

Martina is a Slovenian rock-climber. She lives in Chamonix with his husband (mountain guide) and theur two kids. She won climbing world championships once.

The team

Sandra Ducasse

Co-writer, co-director

Francisco Taranto Jr.


Ana Paula Bonifácio


Marcelo Alves Bezerra

Original music & sound director

Rodrigo Rodrigues

Original music & sound director

Vanessa Beucher


Aditionnal Images

David Rastouil - Guillaume Bodin - Marion Poitevin - Liv Sansoz - Martina Cufar-Potard - Julien Ferrandez - GMHM Chamonix

Aerial Images

Thanks to Christelle Jeanniot, Mircrolight pilot and Thomas Jeanniot, paraglider.

© Humans of Chamonix


The "Fonds d’aide au cinéma de montagne"(FODACIM)  is a Funding for Mountain Cinema.

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